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With 40 years experience we are your stack emissions monitoring (CEMS DAS) and data aggregation experts. From ARP to GHG, we provide Software and Services to support you through all your monitoring and reporting needs.

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"The demo showed CIMVision to be easy to configure and tailor to company-specific requirements.  This is a great example of a vertically-specific solution for greenhouse gas management."

Paul Baier, VP Sustainability at Groom Energy Solutions

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Your GHGRP Reporting and Archive Tool for EPA's e-GGRT

"This best-of-breed solution solves the problem of compliance reporting and record keeping through a cloud-based/Saas offering..." - Paul Baier, VP Sustainability Consulting at Groom Energy Solutions

You asked for an enterprise carbon accounting solution designed specifically for electric utilities…we listened and developed ESC|CIMVision – GHG Manager. As the market leading supplier of environmental compliance software with over 40 years of experience in the electric power industry, we realize how unique and important your needs are.

GHG Manager is a one-of-a-kind system which provides reporting, collecting and calculating
tools as well as scheduling capabilities to ensure successful compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. 
It utilizes any relevant emissions data as a source of input, tracks all pollutants mandated in the program, creates annual reports to be submitted through the e-ggrt tool to EPA and provides analytical tools to track real-time emissions.
Summary Value Data Entry

What makes CIMVision – GHG Manager so unique? Check out some of the capabilities:
  • Compliance Calendar – How can you prioritize and manage your workflow?
  • Document Manager – How can you prioritize and manage your documents
    more effectively?
  • And more!

Check out the latest additions and enhancements to CIMVision - GHG Manager:

  • Support for Subparts A, C, D, G, V, AA, NN and PP including new User Interface screens, database updates, calculations and reports
  • Source Aggregation by unit, group, common pipe and common stack
  • The ability to import fuel use via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Required facility level support for subpart A
  • Tier 4 and Alternative Method calculations and reports
  • Update to summary data values for Subpart C, Tier 4
  • New dashboard tab provides up-front summary charts
  • Performance improvements with calculations and reports
  • Improved and expanded help module
  • And more! 

At ESC, air compliance is our specialty as we have been the trusted provider for all air reporting needs for the past four decades. With a staff full of knowledgeable Regulatory, Engineering and Support personnel, you can rest assured trusting your compliance to us.



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